Lean not on your own understanding!

I was listening to Priscilla Shirer on you tube, while power phrasing she said something like this-you can’t distinguish your age based upon your “birthday” if you are 50 and have up until 100 plus years to live you are young, and if you are 25 and have until 35 years to live you are old. There was a friend who Priscilla had been spending time with who was healthy as a pistol at 5:00 P.M and at 6:30 P.M that same evening she had crossed over onto eternity.

Personally, when I hear stories like this- I get reminded, that God’s time is not our time and his ways are not our ways. Acknowledge him and he will direct your paths. There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death. When we chose to live our lives a certain way- our way we can often times reap disaster. You see God never changes- he is -always has been and always will be! We on the other hand are immoral beings and the more we are put on the for-front about our nature the more uncomfortable we get and the less tolerant we become in wanting to hear truth. But in the end we have to answer to Jesus.

Think about truth for just a second. Not your view of truth, but the actual truth. Right now as you are reading this can you honestly say you are a humble, loving, patient, joyful, and a peaceful person who genuinely inwardly hates drama, gossip, pride, and things like anger?  Because in the end what comes out of our lips is a pure reflection of who we are. To that end, let’s redeem the time we have! Live life everyday knowing it can be your last day, but live with fear and reverence for Christ. It is he who can add a single hour to your day- or take away. It is he who gives us the requirements to be able to enter into the Kingdom of Christ. It is- he who is willing to guide you through the bible. But it is YOU who decides which route you are taking. So if you decide to live this life WITHOUT him don’t expect anything different when you cross over. Historically and biblically speaking  people back in the days were murdered and got their heads chopped off all because they took the chance of telling others about Christ, people physically saw Christ after he rose on the 3rd day. So if all these people are lying and or crazy they are most to be pit-tied and my faith is in vein. But if this account indeed is true, than who loses their life after it’s finished?


It’s impossible to be discontent and grateful at the same time.

Just like a tree produces either good fruit or bad, we produce good fruit or bad fruit. The fruit we produce is known as our characteristic. This character is our normal, our typical, our usual behavior. It’s simply who we are – how we feel- rather than how we act. During the Holiday’s we may receive a Gift from a friend or a loved; one can say “Thank you” in return, or smile and even hug another individual as a way to show our appreciation, but seconds later what we start to think about the gift truly identifies who we are.

When someone comes to you and says things like this- “Lord help me, I’m not trying to be ungrateful, but such and such gave me one little body mist that smells horrible.” Not only does the person coming to you have a corrupted heart  for saying this but they are gossipers, and slanderers- and you know what they say- bad company corrupts good character. You see, we can’t have one hand to destroy and another hand to  be a blessing. Just because you fed the homeless a few times out of the year, and were taught how to have manners doesn’t mean you produce good fruit, please don’t be deceived.

The fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, gentleness, self control, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and patience. Look at your circumstance and reflect. How did you get to where you are? Accountability goes a long way and every decision you have made in your past led you here. Therefor, take the bad and turn it into a learning/ growing experience.

Faithfulness is another fruit which can not stand alone. As a married woman I can not say “I’ve been with my husband for 7 years, and I’ve never cheated on him with another man.” That alone is NOT what makes me “faithful”. Faithfulness is about loyalty and if your constantly bashing your spouse or “girlfriend, boyfriend” whatever relationship you are in than your not faithful after all. So what she/he cheated on you 10 years ago, you chose to stay with her/him either man up or woman up and throw that memory in the garbage where it belongs or leave. If you find yourself bashing your spouse- rather than lifting one another up- you are destroying your house with your own hands and should reconsider your stance.

Discontent or grateful, where are you? You’re everyday thoughts will distinguish who you are. Not your actions because we can all be professionals at faking happiness. “I want John-Doe to think I’m happy, – so I put family pictures up on social media for others to see”- but you are not, your not deceiving others, you are deceiving yourself when you do this. If you have an issue with producing good fruit the only way to get passed this is to ask for help, and always remember change starts with you, not others. Every time you point one finger at someone there are three pointed right back at you. Your happiness lies inside you don’t try to put the blame on others because you will live a miserable life.

I don’t depend on my husband to be my joy. Lord knows how much I love him to death and appreciate him and am ecstatic of who we became together! Because with the right people in your path change is possible! But, my husband is not my God. I can’t depend on him for none other than physical means. But peace, and joy that comes from Christ alone! What happens when we disagree on something? Do I get angry and curse him, and call my friends to bash him, do I take away everything we worked at for all these years because of one disagreement? No, we speak, we apologize to one another if we caused pain or harm during the disagreement and we move on to the next thing the same exact hour. The Joy and inner peace in us moves us to do these things and  this joy and inner peace which moves us can’t be robbed no matter how hard life may get, and that my friends comes from the Lord our Christ!

Parenting Reminders


You have heard it has been said “the struggle is real.” I say, so is the Blessing. Coming from the angle of having birthed two children my main focus is to teach you things Christ has placed in my heart and shown me along the way thus far. I believe these reminders will bring you understanding, more peace and a little more patience and love.

Back in 2013 I was Blessed with my first born. Dang, I never knew how hard motherhood truly was. From being in the NICU with my premature baby who was 2 lbs for almost 4 months, to coming home with an Apnea machine, pumping breast milk every 2 hours, sleepless nights, you get the gist. The minute my son was born there was always a need. A need for a savings account for his future college funds, a need for another savings account to purchase his future car when he turns 18, a need for back up emergency funds in case anything happens, a need for diapers, clothes, food, a baby sitter you get the gist.

Back in 2016 I birthed my second child. The need I had once upon a time doubled. I work FT and so does my husband, but the reality is exactly -what it is. We are the average Millennial’s maintaining what we have. Not only do we work FT and make an average living but my husbands income decreases, so we are not only left with two babies and double the needs, but we have less income to maintain what we have.

During this season in my life I start thinking to myself. Lord we always make things work, but this is tough. I start thinking about the needs of the children and how hard it’s going to be not only to meet their needs but to maintain the bills, food for the house, etc.

The Lord started to show me life is all about perspective. Those extra saving accounts are not life or death accounts those are wants not needs. Also, the Lord started to show me that as long as there is a roof over your head, food on the table and ways for you to get back and forth to and from work you are already at a winning stage. So I was like BUT what about clothes and sneakers for my babies as the outgrow certain things- I feel like I can’t even get them the basics without worrying about my household having enough. Than the Lord started to show me more of who I am today as a woman. Asking me things like what is enough for you?

Than the Lord started to show me, your an amazing money manager, you go without doing your nails more than half of the year, as a woman you go without shopping for increments of months at a time, you go without the desire for new shoes, new clothes, new purses. So- I start thinking- OK. So because I do these things I deserve some type of recognition. For being a good mother, for investing in my children. Than Christ starts to show me-  No woman -this is what parenting is about!  You will not and should not look to receive a pat on the shoulder  from anyone for doing the things your suppose to do for your kids. You are supposed to invest in them and sacrifice yourself this is what motherhood is about. Don’t look for recognition- simply be who you were called to be as a mother and be content where you are and with what you have!

So during this season in my life I have learned that life is about perspective. Not only is it about perspective but sometimes, less is more. How? I have no clue, but the Lord does things that will blow your mind. After all the worrying and battling with myself about how my household will maintain this season- I find myself shopping for our babies constantly, I find us going out to restaurants to eat, going on vacation, putting our kids into sports, doing my nails here and there, shopping here and there. Why? because we invest into them and we kill our ego and desires and wants. Which is why I’m left with a filled heart full of joy. You see joy isn’t something you maintain -joy is a free gift that you receive once you accept Christ and let him guide you.

God will bring you through seasons for you to learn and grow, to open up your eyes, to be content with what you have. This way when he sees you are faithful with the little he will give you much. Now will that much be the “house” I wish to have for my children one day? Maybe, maybe not. Either way my reward is in heaven. For me that is enough! That brings joy, peace, hope.

BUT your desires have to be set on the right things. You cant be the person who purchases new vehicles, desires to shop for self, desires to have what others have and want what others want,  you cant desire as a mother to do your nails and hair constantly,  to have new purses, bags, shoes all the time and say to yourself- I have pride I pay for all my stuff on my own- THAN LATER TURN AROUND to say I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH for my children, I WILL NEVER HAVE ENOUGH, I NEED MORE, GIVE ME-GIVE ME. Noooo, you don’t have pride, you have issues and your parenting priorities are out of wack. If you become that person God will give you exactly what you desire in this life time. When you die and go to heaven with a heart like that. God might turn around and say where is the God that you worshiped the whole time you were on earth? You know those nice clothes, shoes, bags? Why can’t they save you? Where is you know that PRIDE you had-that got Satan kicked out out of heaven in the first place?

This is why the Bible tells us to become little so God can be great. The bible tells us to decrease so he can increase. The way we think, see, act, love and feel. You have to allow Christ to change you, shape you, mold you to become a little Christ. This means humility, this means killing yourself to allow the Spirit in you to live and guide you.




Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, just as CHRIST, GOD FORGAVE YOU. Ephesians 4:31-32

Can we just chill right here for a while? Lets go in to the meaning of;

Bitterness= anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly; resentment.

Rage=feel or express violent uncontrollable anger

Anger=a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.

Brawling=fight or quarrel in a rough or noisy way.

Malice=the intention or desire to do evil; ill will.

Do you live here? I  know this is going back to ABC’S but some of us forget the meaning of these words and the power of having this characteristic dwelling in you will ruin your life. If you find yourself carrying this weight on your shoulders it’s no ones fault but your own. Did not Christ forgive you? Did you wake up this morning and get a chance at eternal life? Another chance to make things right, another chance to align yourself with HIS WILL and not your own. Christ forgave me, so I’m sorry if you haven’t forgiven me for something I’ve done in the past, but because God has I no longer live there. I no longer want to unpack my luggage and bleed to death with you, and if this make you upset? Sorry, but not sorry!

Time is at hand. I know this sounds cliché, but its the truth. I still struggle with some of the words mentioned above, but I can guarantee you something, when spirts of anger come out for whatever reason, the Lord shows me, it’s not right the moment after I have an anger episode. I get convicted deeply and I get before him and apologize. There are times I argue with my husband and” act” tough and upset, but behind the scenes I’m already asking God to forgive me. Hence forth I have no problem saying sorry to my husband when I’ve done something wrong or offensive. This is not a sign of weakness this is strength!  Some of you practice all these things above on a daily basis and have no conviction. You strayed so far from the truth and here you are unhappy. The moment you wake up your already disappointed about something or someone, you feel John Doe should have to pay for something he did 10 years ago, you get easily triggered and angered, your loud for no reason, and you purposely try to be spiteful. Why? Because you rejoice in being evil, you have become a child of your father who is of this world and you cant even realize it because your so immune to the truth.

I don’t have a problem being kind and compassionate, but one thing I am is realistic. If you want to be an adult and talk about the present we can get somewhere. But if your coming my way with bitterness, rage, anger, brawling, malice, SORRY but you can not enter into my household. You cant be a part of my life, my husbands life, my children’s life.

Are you struggling to forgive? Because if you are my friend, your only placing hard shackles around your heart that can be unlocked by none other than yourself. Be free in your mind, be free from malice, rage etc. Confess your anger to the Lord, give it to him. Ask him to help you forgive. I promise if you lean close to him he will draw near to you. He will give you strength this way you don’t miss out on what’s in front of your face. I heard a quote that said “if you don’t heal from what hurt you, you’ll bleed on people who didn’t cut you.” Forgive, at least because Christ already has, and free yourself!


Are you like Jonah?

Jonah was asked by God to go to Ninevah and cry out to the city and let the people know the city will be destroyed in 40 days. Instead of doing what God called him to do at the time God called him to do it Jonah paved his own path. Why? Because Ninevah was a city that Jonah HATED and he wished all would die in their sins these people were his enemy. Jonah had such a hate for them in his heart which caused him to stumble upon the instructions of the Lord. Jonah did NOT want to preach to that city, Jonah wished that none of his enemies would Turn to God. In the mist of this all Jonah now takes a ship to Tarshish because this is where his flesh wished to go. The Lord saw Jonah on the ship to Tarshish and caused a storm. The ship almost broke apart. All the people in the ship threw all their belongings off the ship to sustain the ship as much as they could. When they ran out of things they can do every person in that ship prayed to whatever god they believed in to save them. In the mist of this Jonah is asleep and the Captain of the ship went to wake him up. The captain told Jonah to call upon his God and maybe his God can do something to save them all.

Jonah is telling everyone on the ship this is happening because of him and in order for this Great storm to come to an end he would need to be thrown into the middle of the sea. But the men kept trying to row to the nearest land. They were hesitant to throw Jonah into the middle of the sea. The men had mercy on Jonah all the while Jonah’s heart was hardened. It got to the point where the men tried to get to dry land and they could not so they yelled out to Jonah’s God to save them and than they threw Jonah into the sea although this is not what they wanted to do. Notice how this whole time Gods will HAD to be done before anyone can see light. The storm now went away after Jonah gets thrown into the ship. From this  point on these men start to worship the God of Jonah. Prior to this they all prayed to “whatever god” they believed in for help.

Now a fish swallows up Jonah while he was in the mist of the sea. While he was inside this fish he cried out to the Lord, and the fish swallowed Jonah up into dry land after 3 days. God tells Jonah a second time go to Ninevah and preach what he originally told him to preach. Because of Jonah’s obedience the entire city gathered in unity and fasted. They got together and offered a sacrifice of Repentance to the Lord and because of this the Lord had mercy on all  of them and did not destroy the city.

Jonah knew God was merciful and because he had such a hate against these people he tried to do his own will. Even after God saved the city Jonah felt it wasn’t fair and that it would be better for him to be dead than having done all this and seeing God have mercy on a city in which he personally hated. Jonah had a thorn which was bringing forth pain but this thorn was brought to Jonah by none other than HIMSELF.

In the end God had mercy on Ninevah and God also had mercy on Jonah. After Jonah preached to the city which he hated we walked out and made a little hut and camped out there to see the outcome. I can imagine Jonah still hoping and wishing God would destroy the city because he hated this city. The sun was beaming by this hut where Jonah  dwelt and God caused a plant to grow this way Jonah can have some type of shade from the scorching hot sun. Jonah was happy for this plant had comforted him. The next day a worm destroyed the plant and Jonah could not stand the heat and again is wishing he would die than have to bare all this heat. Jonah is now angry the plant which God caused to grow for him died. God said this plant is something you did not labor for Jonah and your angry because it died? God explained  this plant means nothing and it came overnight and left overnight. God asked Jonah am I not supposed to have mercy on a city with many human beings in it who do not know what they do? These human beings DID NOT COME OVERNIGHT therefor he did not want them to die the way Jonah wished in his heart. God had other plans. He used the same person who HATED them to save them.

Is this you today? Are you a Jonah? Is God making you do things you wish you did not have to do. If so, God ends with victory always. So save yourself the trouble. Soften your heart from hate and God will step in and do great things! Nations are waiting on your OBEDIENCE! Act according to Gods voice even when it hurts. This is not about self.




There is NONE righteous- No, not one!

“There is no one righteous, not even one;
   there is no one who understands;
    there is no one who seeks God.
All have turned away,
    they have together become worthless;
there is no one who does good,
    not even one.”
 “Their throats are open graves;
    their tongues practice deceit.”
“The poison of vipers is on their lips.”

“Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.”
 “Their feet are swift to shed blood;
   ruin and misery mark their ways,
 and the way of peace they do not know.”
 “There is no fear of God before their eyes.”

We have heard this many times before, and have come to understand we all fall short of the Glory of God. So why then do some of us boast? We boast about goodness in concordance to what seems right in our own eyes.

We live in a generation where EVERYONE has an opinion and everyone is SELF RIGHTOUS but under whose authority? Most likely simply for being flesh and having free will and under your own authority. Although, we must examine  our selves every day which passes by. One thing we have to understand is only through Jesus Christ can we be considered righteous. You know the scriptures say there is None Righteous no not one. Which means, no work that we do can be good enough for our Lord. “Look at me I prayed for 10 hours last night.”, “Look at me I fed this poor person.”, Look at me I give 500 worth of tithes each month.”, Look at me I clean the toilets at church and deserve a recognition.” “Look at me I sponsored a kid for the last two years.” “Look at me I fasted for one week.” “Look at me I know what the scriptures say, I know more than you and have more to offer,  take a seat there sir/Madam and let me teach while you listen.” Look at how I look, how I walk, how I  talk, because I simply do it better than you.” Look at my parenting skills follow my footsteps.”  Who are we fooling? None of this matters! These works are filthy rags according to our God!  We must learn to acknowledge, accept, and live in humility.

When I say only through Christ we are considered Righteous it has nothing to do with going to church and accepting the Lord at church during an alter call- hence forth you now consider yourself saved. Nothing to do with The Lord knows my heart he knows I love him, but than your lifestyle remains as is, this has nothing to do with our works. Rather, this has EVERYTHING to do with acknowledging that Christ is Lord, Having Faith that he is who he says he is and will return soon, hence forth dying to self so that Christ may live in and through you. Only through Christ we can utilize the power of his blood to help us be cleansed inside. The blood of Christ helps us to peel away any darkness and produce the fruits of the spirit which should live in us. The fruit of the spirit is love, joy,  peace, forbearance, kindness,  goodness, faithfulness and self control. You and I will be known by our fruits. We have to submit to Christ and worship him like the Glorious master he truly is.

Submission means while your friends are at a club, or smoking hookah and drinking, you are home reading the bible because you truly want to build a relationship with Jesus! Submission means while your friends are on a 3 way chat bashing and gossiping your far away and not involved in that conversation and before the Lord on judgment day can say your hands were clean from that foolish act, submission means your praying daily, submission means your fasting behind the scenes and its a secret between you and the Lord cause your heart is truly only in it to get closer to God and not be recognized by mere man. Submission means loving on God in the few years you have left here on this Earth. Submission means respecting the Lord your God. When you are making the wrong turn in your life you r- consider and say “Lord this is not pleasing to you, I do not want to do this, help me, guide me strengthen me”. Build your house on firm foundation, in Christ this way the trials of life can not toss you around. Ask the Lord to Deliver you from temptation. We are in the flesh we get tempted daily and always will, but the power of the  Blood of Yeshua is more powerful than a double edged sword. Believe it and reach for it! You will find that you will gain your life spiritually!




Pride- Ego- and Dishonesty

Do not be dismayed, fear not I have overcome the world.

I look around me and I see nothing but tragic. The stories, the pictures, the videos, the news, the governing authorities and the animal nature we all carry. I wonder how the eyes of humanity can be so open yet still be so blinded. I wonder how one can have so much freedom but still be caged up. We have strayed away from our heavenly father and in the mist have turned to the hands of the beast.

Our children are not getting the correct knowledge rooted inside them from the right channels. Parents are bragging about how hard they work for their children but know not what’s happening in their own children’s lives because they are so distant from them. Our babies are turning to Strangers, Society, Social Media, Guns, Knives, Gangs as a mean of ways to find love and feel special, be recognized and feel important. Where is God in the mist of all this one may ask? There is those who are quick to blame God for all the chaos. Why can’t we live in humility and check our hearts? Are we to prideful? Do we care about our Ego that much?

Than we have the parents who attack their kids to go to College before they even reach High School. Don’t get me wrong I am all for continuing Education and by no means am here to write against it. I am also aware my children will be lead towards the right paths after God is placed first. If they  struggle and decide not to continue with furthering Education I know they are rich because spiritually they are fed. No one in the grave has taken their Earthly riches with them. No house, No College Degree, No Car, No clothes, No make Up, No shoes, No purses, No wallets, No wigs, No nails, No sneakers, No earthly food, No Alcohol, No drugs, No Friends, NOTHING! Except for your faith while you were on this earth (believing in Jesus), your willingness to seek Christ face, your willingness to be humble, gentle, quiet, your Willingness to Love and help, your willingness to bring people to Christ, to have a relationship with Jesus, your willingness to have self control, goodness, joy, patience, peace.

The Sexual Immoral, idolaters, homosexuality, Thieves, Greedy people, Drunkards, Enmity, Strife, Jealousy, Envy, Fits of anger, Division, Gossipers, impurity WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom of God.  I don’t know which way you think you’re getting in. But if this is you be humble and willing enough to work with God in helping you cleanse your heart.

If we learn to humble ourselves maybe than we can speak and God will listen. You can’t have all these worldly riches and love God. It’s one or the other. This is why being a follower costs your life. In a generation where we love ourselves we don’t want to kill the things we love; we want to do us and still go to heaven. I don’t know how one can say they Love the Lord if we can’t spend 5 minutes a day with him. Lets reflect and ask God to help us for real. He’s willing if you are! Pride, Ego, and Dishonesty kills us. Put on humility and your life will start to change!